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Gen 26, 2021 | Eventi

The event will be held on the 28th January 2021, at 4 pm CET and it is composed of a Stakeholders roundtable (4:00 – 5:00 pm) and of a technological-application panel (5:00-6:00 pm).

High-level representatives of the following entities have already confirmed their presence within the Stakeholders roundtable: Bonifiche FerraresiAGEANataïsESAFAOJRC ECTelespazio and e-GEOS.

The opening round-table will gather relevant decision-makers from around the world, who will discuss the present and future, industrial and institutional needs for agricultural sector, aiming at identifying existing gaps that could be addressed through Earth Observation, leveraging on the present fast evolving technological scenario.

AGRI TECHNOLOGIES (5:00 – 6:00 pm)
The technical session aims to deepen the potentiality of Geoinformation, for the provision of agronomic services supporting the needs of both institutional and private users, up to single farmers

The webinar “Farming from Space: Digital Innovation for Agriculture”, taking place on the 28th January, will host companies, technicians and decision-makers to share expert knowledge and opinions about the value of geoinformation data and services for the diffusion of a sustainable agriculture, considering. Present and future scenarios, promising technologies and methodologies.

The scope of this event is to share satellite technologies for agriculture management as well as the challenges of scaling up innovative digital solutions and approaches that could support institutions as well as other involved stakeholders up to smallholder farmers in the complex agri-food supply chain”.

In particular, in the webinar, e-GEOS technicians will share their portfolio of services for Precision Sustainable Agriculture, based on Earth Observation contribute to applications, from data access to the information delivery, also introducing several operational and R&D experiences.

In this framework will be presented outcomes from agriculture dedicated projects such as NIVA, CLEXIDRA, PREMIA (Platform for risk evaluation and & management in agriculture), SEN4CAP(Sentinels for EU Common Agricultural Policy). Specific focus will be set on the experiences in modernization and simplification of the Common Agricultural Policy, through new workflows and best practices for European subsidies monitoring, operationally developed for the Italian Paying Agency –AGEA.

AgriGeo platform is the e-Geos solution for turning a large amount of satellite data into modular services, bringing benefits in terms of crop growth, health and yield, agronomic works, risk assessment, resources saving, environment sustainability.

We are currently working on finalizing the agenda. Stay tuned!

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