09 December 2021
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Departure from Planet Earth on 16 December 2021 at 9.00 am 

By Gaia Nardini

On the occasion of National Space Day, the CTNA – National Aerospace Technological Cluster – invites students from lower secondary schools (third grades) and upper secondary schools to position themselves on the starting grid because the Space Olympics are about to begin, games for the new generations. Then we take off: the journey lasts a few hours but is of great intensity. We depart from Planet Earth at 9.00 am on 16 December 2021 and land at 12.30 pm in Space.

An adventure that involves the whole class to compete together and experience a day dedicated to a different theme, that of space exploration, and a rediscovered sociality.

Requirements to participate: curiosity and desire to learn new things.

The only rule to respect on this Olympic journey: have fun.

The premise to be made is that space missions are the most formidable driver of knowledge available to contemporary man, a knowledge that not only brings us closer to the secrets of the Universe, but which has incredible repercussions on the future of terrestrial life, improving its sustainability and the prudent use of resources by virtue of a very profitable transversality from which our planet is the first to benefit in terms of innovative and effective solutions.

It is therefore clear that Space must be explored not only for the charm that has always characterized it and that young people’s interest in this direction must be cultivated. As for those who lack information, they should be encouraged to approach this very promising and now easily practicable sector on different levels: from dream to study to application.

Attracting intelligence, discovering talents and training skills is a task that can begin with teachers even in game mode, which is perhaps the most effective tool for expanding knowledge because it is closely connected to fun.

The Space Olympics are a training course that encourages learning through play and passing the three tests will help you discover that the planets have never been so close.

Just as athletes train for the sports Olympics, the kids will also have to train for this team challenge by previously studying the educational resources selected and made available on the Digital Education platform and, under the guidance of the teachers who will be their captains, they will be able to challenge themselves and win the prize for their class.

As a reminder to the podium, the prizes consist of medals to which are added certificates of participation for all the classes that have played and certificates of Merit.

To all intents and purposes, the Space Olympics are an appointment with the future to write down in the diary!

For info and registration click here

Registrations are open until 3.00 pm on 15 December 2021