17 June 2022
Fulvia Quagliotti reconfirmed President of the DAP; vice presidents Giacomo Martinotti and Marco Silvano
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The Assembly of the Piedmont Aerospace District took place, in the presence of the Councilor for Productive Activities of the Piedmont Region with responsibility for aerospace Andrea Tronzano, at the International Training Center in Viale dei Maestri del Lavoro 10. The Assembly, at the end of the report by President Fulvia Quagliotti, unanimously approved the 2021 final budget. The agenda also included the definition of the number of members of the Board of Directors and the appointment of the Board of Directors which will remain in office for the next three years and will be composed as follows: Fulvia Quagliotti, designated by the Piedmont Region; Giacomo Martinotti, designated by the Piedmont Region; Marco Silvano, designated by GE AVIO srl; Marco Protti, designated by Leonardo SpA; Roberto Provera, designated by Thales Alenia Space Italia SpA; Marco D’Ascenzi appointed by Collins Microtecnica; Andrea Vimercati designated by Mecaer; Andrea Romiti, designated by SMEs; Stefano Serra, designated by SMEs; David Avino, designated by SMEs; Fulvio Boscolo, designated by SMEs, Massimo Sorli, designated by Polytechnic of Turin; Gabriele Ricchiardi, designated by the University of Turin; Guido Bolatto, designated by the Turin Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture; Marina Buoncristiani, designated by Finpiemonte SpA; Davide Calonico jointly designated by the research and training bodies.

No indication has been received for the councilor designated jointly by the Municipality of Turin and the Metropolitan City of Turin, consequently at the moment the Board of Directors will be made up of 16 units and will reach 17 once the indication has been received. The Presidency has been reconfirmed for another three years of the Piedmont Aerospace District Fulvia Quagliotti, alongside her will be Giacomo Martinotti Vice President designated by the Piedmont Region who will have the responsibility of developing and implementing the network of relations with European and international entities and the Vice President designated by the associated companies Marco Silvano. “ I express the greatest satisfaction for the renewal of the nomination  – declared Fulvia Quagliotti President of the Piedmont Aerospace District at the time of the proclamation –  it is a recognition for the work done and an incentive to consolidate the reference position of the DAP in the world of aerospace. I thank the Piedmont Region and all the associates and from tomorrow I will already be working on the upcoming deadlines for projects and events that await the DAP in the coming months”.