28 May 2022
Giacomo Cao confirmed President of the Aerospace District of Sardinia for the next three years
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Cagliari, 27 May 2022

The Members’ Assembly  of the Aerospace District of Sardinia ( DASS ) which took place in recent days  has elected the Board of Directors for the next three-year period in the persons of Giacomo Cao, Pier Giorgio Lorrai, Walter Matta, Emilio Molinari and Carlo Vadilonga, attributing the first has the role of President .

This was a significant recognition of the activity carried out, during the third three years of the District’s life, by the Board of Directors which can consequently proceed with the necessary actions to be undertaken for the further growth and consolidation of aerospace in Sardinia.

“The projects proposed by the District and the Members – claims  President Cao  – are crucial for the development of the sector with clear  repercussions in terms of employment , as happens in those regions that have been investing resources in this sector for some time. The results obtained so far, i.e. the attraction of  project initiatives  that generate over  54 million euros  against  investments by the Region of around 11 million , represent an  evidently virtuous example .”

The projects  completed or underway,  all of a civil nature , concern topics such as  environmental and civil protection ,  precision agriculture  with the aid of satellite information, the development of the  test platform  for remotely piloted aircraft  that can use the infrastructures available on the island including the military ones on the basis of the framework agreement signed in 2018 with the Ministry of Defence, the robotic and human exploration of space  which involves the development of technologies to also be used on Earth,  the materials and technologies  for astronomy and aerospace, including the successful construction of a  test platform for liquid and solid propellant engines of the VEGA launcher, in Perdasdefogu and Capo San Lorenzo respectively .

“I hope – concludes President Cao – that  the Regional Council will guarantee the new projects that will be proposed, even in the form of a program agreement, significantly higher co-financing than in the past  in the context of the significant financial availability that is part of the new 2021 framework program – 2027, with the aim of encouraging the attraction of further national and international players in the aerospace sector , to the benefit of the economy and employment in Sardinia”.

For further information please use the contacts below:

cell. 3474362804; e-mail:  info@dassardegna.eu