13 September 2023
Let’s Make Space 2023: Italy in orbit
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The Space Economy between innovation and sustainability for a leader’s vision

13 September 2023 Let’s Space focus on the Space Economy, new technologies and Italy’s role in the race for innovation to publicly confirm that there is great vitality in the sector.

In the foreground the Moon, the space economy with the multiple positive effects with specific reference to global issues such as sustainability and the optimization of resources for the protection of our Planet, but also artificial intelligence, digitalisation and the future of air mobility with new and advanced methods.

Interviews and debates to underline that we are living in a true golden age.

Space is a strategic sector from numerous points of view and there is a strong push from the great consolidated powers but also from the emerging ones. The interest of private individuals is increasingly fervent and it is also thanks to their far-sighted vision, their brilliant intuitions and the huge capital they have decided to employ that we are experiencing this strong acceleration.

But what is Italy’s role in this new scenario? Italy is there and competing from the front line. This was recognized by the main players in the aerospace sector who took stock of the situation, highlighting the important goals achieved by our country.

We are fortunate to have the support of the Government and the Institutions, an enabling PNRR, important dedicated infrastructures, large companies and many professionals currently involved in international programs and this allows us to progress at great speed, be recognized and appreciated.

The many resources from the world of universities and research contribute constantly and lively to the ecosystem for the race for innovation to guarantee excellent training and constant attention to multidisciplinarity, the SMEs whose transversality ensures collaboration all levels, the production chains, the technological districts, drivers of innovation, which coordinate and guide actions at a national level with roadmaps dedicated to aerospace and, finally, many young startuppers who encourage the circulation of new and very valid ideas.

This confirms the basic paradigm, namely that it is thanks to the union of skills that great results are achieved.

Looking at the rest of the world, it is certain that the model to follow for our country too must be that of close cooperation between the public and private sectors; this in order to create a challenging ecosystem.

It is necessary to always discover new talents who will become the young and promising professionals of the future, to this end it is necessary to plan initiatives aimed at arousing interest and making known the many avenues that space can open. Equally essential, after having identified and trained new resources, is to motivate them to stay in our country and not flee abroad for new and more profitable opportunities.

We need to keep up and when possible anticipate the times, a good idea must be pursued and if there isn’t a product or service, create it! From this perspective, risks must be boldly addressed in the same way as what happens in other sectors.

There are many scientific and just as many business opportunities that await our country which boasts a good positioning and consolidated experience regarding earth observation programs, satellite data, geospatial images, telecommunications and the mission of return to the Moon.

Parallel to the push that sees Italy in orbit, an eye inevitably also turns to those aspects on which there is still work to be done. A clear and detailed global regulation with reference to commercial exploitation, the resolution of the problem of debris in space, the regulation of space “traffic”. It is essential to increasingly strengthen the ability to attract investments and encourage the granting of incentives for the economic development of all entities interested in innovation to encourage a fast approach in line with market demands; this is the key to be expressed in the various aspects indicated above.

Therefore, Italy observes the Earth and aims for the Moon and, given that space is a global theme by nature, our businesses, industries and the numerous entities involved will compete well beyond our borders, fueling scientific and technological progress and confirming the role of our country.