05 December 2022
NEWS SPACE ECONOMY 01- 02 – 03 December 2022
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The CTNA participated in the New Space Economy Expo Forum in Rome and on this occasion the President of the National Aerospace Technological Cluster, Cristina Leone, welcomed the school students with a motivational speech within the space that Scuola Attiva organised.

The objective of the intervention, in line with the expansion of the mission and the attention that the CTNA pays to schools with recent dedicated training initiatives, was to encourage boys and girls to study STEM subjects in depth, illustrating the interesting perspectives linked to the world of aerospace and the professional opportunities they can take advantage of at the end of their studies. In the meantime, we invite you to participate in all useful activities to successfully face the bright future that awaits them. Students reacted with interest and many questions to this opportunity for direct discussion.

A round table was also organized entitled “The CTNA’s vision of the Aeronautics sector” and on this occasion the conclusions of the analysis carried out by the District Committee on the topic were presented, with the policy indications to be transmitted to the institutional actors.

Speakers included: Luigi Carrino, President of the DAC and coordinator of the study, Giuseppe Acierno, President of the DTA and Daniele Tonti, President of the Umbria District.

It was reiterated that the districts always continue to cooperate in a structured and effective manner, sharing interests and objectives, also taking into account the particularities and differences useful for a complete vision of the scenarios.

Some fundamental points to pay attention to are underlined:

Identify closely a concrete strategy to contain the departure of our young talents, who have greater chances of professional achievement abroad and therefore move away, impoverishing our country. Added to this priority is the need to consider aeronautics and space together and to share dedicated programs with the territories, so that each reality can contribute with its excellence.

The presidents of Campania, Puglia and Umbria gathered at the same table also shared the idea that even the impact of Covid on aeronautics, however difficult, has opened a window on new opportunities that must be supported with all resources necessary in terms of capacity and investment.

The key concepts on which to insist in order to innovate and do business are all agreed upon and can be summarized as follows: diversification, because where there is diversification there is resilience, specialization and competitiveness. All of this is essential to generate income and opportunities.

Of course, to work, this system must be consolidated and not sporadically effective. It’s about “creating a system” at a vertical level with adequate tools, high skills and continuity.

It is essential in this paradigm that the major reference players constitute a guide and can direct the trajectory to achieve the objectives and achieve a shared vision, composed of the best indications and skills of all the actors involved.

The video will be available soon to watch the session.