18 November 2021
Rome Drone Conference 2021 
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Rome Drone Conference 2021  is the reference professional event in Italy in the UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) sector. Now in its seventh edition, it intends to offer the Italian drone community a great opportunity for training, professional updating and networking. Two sessions are scheduled this year with the participation of the leading experts in Italy, who will address key issues for the future development of the sector. In the first morning session, on the theme ” Italy of drones 2021: balance sheet and prospects “, the situation, problems and prospects of the drone market in Italy will be taken stock of, almost a year after the entry into force of the new European and national UAS regulations. In the second afternoon session, on the theme ” U-Space, UAM and AAM: situation and developments in Italy “, the prospects of advanced air mobility will be explored in depth, which will see the interaction between manned and unmanned aircraft in the same airspace grow.

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