02 November 2022
Rome Open School – The Educating City
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Roma Capitale presents the map of cultural and educational opportunities for the city’s schools and the opening projects during extracurricular hours. The city of Rome puts schools at the center, a school that today more than ever must be open to create connections and new opportunities. Thanks to teamwork involving institutions, teachers, student and parent associations, what was just an aspiration has become reality.

The CTNA participated in the event “Roma Scuola Aperta – La Città Educante” which was held on 27 October at the India theater in the presence of the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, the Councilor for School, Training and Work, Claudia Pratelli , the Councilor for Culture, Miguel Gotor, and other prestigious speakers engaged in speeches and working groups.
On the same occasion, the map of the educating city was also presented. The latter is a project which includes 131 completely free cultural and educational proposals for schools of all levels. Some of these initiatives already existed and were simply put into a system and therefore brought together in a specific catalogue, while others were created from scratch to enrich the educational offer. The CTNA, National Aerospace Technological Cluster actively participates together with Sapienza University with the third edition of Space Dream, an awareness initiative designed to spread aerospace culture in schools, which will be launched in January 2023. The idea is that of a city aimed at promote the circulation of ideas, fight educational poverty, school dropout and inequalities of all kinds starting from an open school, combined with an open city to create a positive, democratic and inclusive community that promotes cultural growth and helps those who they need it.

The basic concept, in fact, is precisely that of guaranteeing students access to the best opportunities, now enhanced, in a simple and direct way through constant reciprocity between the city and the world of school. Always with the same purpose, the catalog was created which presents all the activities that the institutions have committed to making available to expand the training offer with courses, workshops and educational visits.Confident of the great excitement and innovation that the set of these initiatives conceived by the city of Rome can generate in students and teachers, we invite everyone to visit the dedicated links.

Map of the Educating City as 2022-2023 Click here

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