08 March 2021
“Space Dream”: CTNA invites students to get closer to the Moon
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On the occasion of the Artemis Mission which will bring man back to the Moon in 2024, the CTNA in collaboration with ASI, the Lazio and Piedmont regions, Leonardo and Thales Alenia Space launches the ” Space Dream ” competition aimed at primary and secondary school students of first degree. The objective is to stimulate young people’s interest in space issues to promote knowledge, particularly encouraging girls, to make them passionate about scientific subjects and make a significant contribution towards gender equality and in space professions. In recent years, according to OECD data only 36% of researchers in STEM subjects are women, while as regards the aerospace industry the percentage drops to 20% according to UNOOSA research. The program is an invitation to greater inclusiveness of the female world in scientific subjects.


1-2 ELEMENTARY: Draw the flag of the moon

How to participate in the Moon landing from a school desk? Designing the flag that the astronaut will ideally be able to plant on the lunar surface once he lands to symbolize the great achievement.

3-4-5- ELEMENTARY: Tell us about your day in space with a comic

If it is true that we are used to organizing our day on Earth, the challenge is to plan it in Space taking into account the difficulties, advantages and unexpected implications. The comic with the image and text is intended to be an opportunity for children to inform themselves, reflect and have fun on space issues.


“Announce the news of the return to the moon on the news with a spot of max 3 minutes”

Students are invited to create a complete journalistic report and launch the news on the news.

The competition will end on May 15, 2021, a qualified jury will evaluate the works and the awards ceremony is expected by the end of the school year .

Rome, 8 March 2021