03 June 2021
Space Dream: strong adherence of students and teachers to the theme of Space and the Moon, the dream, the vision and the future.
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Born on the occasion of the Artemis mission, the competition launched by the CTNA has achieved its objective: to stimulate young people’s interest in space issues, particularly encouraging girls towards scientific subjects and contributing towards gender equality. Aimed at primary and lower secondary school students, 784 classes responded for a total of 17,300 students . “ Scientific disciplines are the engine of innovation and the driver of the economy; this is why it is so important to bring young people and women towards STEM” – declared the president of the CTNA Cristina Leone – “ the Space Dream initiative is aimed at the little ones by putting together the many elements that can be of inspiration; researchers in scientific subjects who explained their profession to the children and the girls’ leadership in coordinating teams to overcome gender prejudices. ”  Despite the critical issues caused by Covid 19, there were around a thousand views of the video interviews with scientists and researchers created as a tool for scientific dissemination, around 50 thousand readings of the dedicated pages.

The Awardees

1-2 ELEMENTARY (theme: Draw the flag of the moon): IC Assisi 2 school, Francesco Frondini – Tordandrea (PG) and “ Team Luna ” Holy Family school, Turin

3-4-5- ELEMENTARY ( theme: Tell us about your day in space with a comic): Team “ Guys in the space ” S. Chiara d’Assisi school in Avellino and “Team Stars spirit ” Santa Maria degli Angeli school, l ‘ Eagle

1-2-3 MEDIA  (theme: Announce the news of the return to the moon on the news with a spot of max 3 minutes): ( Team The aeronauts ) IC Regina Margherita school, U.Foscolo, Rome and “ Team Luna” IC II school Trebeschi, Desenzano del Garda (BS)