06 April 2022
SPACE OLYMPICS AWARDS CEREMONY – 11 April 2022 10.00 am ASI Auditorium, Rome
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The CTNA, National Aerospace Technological Cluster, meets the students who won the first edition of the Space Olympics at the ASI Auditorium to celebrate the result achieved and explore space issues together.

On this occasion the students will tell how they faced the challenge launched by the CTNA on the occasion of the National Space Day created in collaboration with Sapienza and Leonardo and with the patronage of ASI, INAF, Telespazio, Thales Alenia Space, Avio and the aerospace districts of Basilicata , Campania, Lombardy, Piedmont and Lazio Innova.

The welcome will be given by the President of the ASI Giorgio Saccoccia, followed by Cristina Leone, President of the CTNA, who will present the day’s program.

During the event, Professor Chiara Petrioli – vice-rector for the development of entrepreneurial culture for the strengthening of the third Sapienza University mission  will speak to illustrate the collaboration with the CTNA for the initiatives aimed at schools and the work carried out in this direction. Dr. Renata Mele , Leonardo’s Sustainability Manager, will talk about the inclusion of this initiative in Leonardo’s projects for schools.

Luigi Pasquali, Massimo Comparini and Giulio Ranzo, CEOs of Telespazio, Thales Alenia Space Italia and Avio respectively, will take turns on stage to talk about their journey and answer the kids’ questions in a dedicated moment of interaction.

At the end of the event Cristina Pozzi, COO and Head of Contents Treccani Futura, will illustrate the new platform developed in collaboration with CTNA for the second edition of Space Dream , a cultural event aimed at students of all levels of school to bring them together to aerospace issues.

The event will start at 10.00 am and will be broadcast live on www.asitv.it


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