13 December 2021
SPACE OLYMPICS – THE SPACE GENERATION GAMES – 16 December 2021 from 9.00 to 12.30
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The countdown has begun!

Just a few more days to register, complete the training and participate in the Space Olympics , the games reserved for the space generations!

We take off from Planet Earth on December 16, 2021 at 9.00 am to land in Space; on board the students of lower secondary schools (third classes) and upper secondary schools (entire cycle) with their respective teachers.

The Space Olympics are a training game divided into two phases: preparation, which takes place through the study of educational material, and the challenge based on knowledge tests divided into categories.

The objective of the Olympics, which take place during school hours, is to facilitate knowledge of the space sector to allow young people to discover its secrets and evaluate the numerous prospects it offers in the near future, a future in which they will be protagonists.

Through the in-depth study of new topics and the fun linked to the game it will be possible to discover that Space is accessible on multiple levels: from dream to study to application.

The first three classes for each category will stand on the podium of the Space Olympics and will be rewarded with the corresponding medals .

There will also be Certificates of Participation that can be downloaded directly from the platform  https://www.educationdigitale.it/olimpiadidellospazio for all the classes that have played and Certificates of Merit for the classes that will place from fourth to tenth in the ranking.

Registrations end December 15, 2021

Info and registration: https://www.educationdigitale.it/olimpiadidellospazio/