14 July 2022
The new aerospace and defense paradigm between historical heritage and integrated development
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On 14 June 2022 the journey between the districts for the tenth anniversary of the CTNA stops in Foligno with a dedicated event entitled “The new aerospace and defense paradigm between historical heritage and integrated development”.

Many guests were present on this occasion, all aiming to encourage an ever-increasing global vision of aeronautics and space and to highlight the need for an industrial policy that ensures a future in which innovation is the protagonist. In line with the other districts associated with the CTNA, the Umbrian cluster also supports the importance of establishing relationships with all interested players and starting partnerships with large players in the sector to share research and development projects and also perfect new technologies to integrate into products under processing. Innovate, this is the way to go to be competitive at a national and international level and to seize the best market opportunities.

And the best way to innovate is to create a network that encourages the meeting of different skills and professionalism to achieve a common goal. This way of “teamwork” is also useful for identifying financing opportunities more easily and better addressing any important problems. The institutions also know this well, and for this very reason, they undertake to encourage all the steps linked to the innovation process and in particular to technological transfer, to always support the activity of the clusters by enhancing their activities and, finally, to support the work of the many companies and numerous researchers operating in the aerospace sector.