03 November 2022
The Tuscan aerospace district: opportunities and synergies
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On 15 December 2022, the journey between the Districts for the tenth anniversary of the CTNA stopped in Tuscany, with a dedicated event entitled “The Tuscan Aerospace District: opportunities and synergies”, organized in Pisa at the GATE 4.0 headquarters.

GATE 4.0 is the Tuscan regional district of Advanced Manufacturing, which deals with bringing together companies, research centers and financial operators to stimulate the adoption of new technologies by Tuscan manufacturing companies and encourage the growth of people and companies .
Among its activities, GATE 4.0 represents Tuscany within the CTNA (National Aerospace Technological Cluster), as a Tuscan Technological District focused on Aerospace. The objective of our District is to strengthen the presence of Tuscan companies, especially SMEs, in international contexts, particularly European ones, because space is a global market.

Our culture, technology, skills and innovation in the aerospace sector impact the most disparate areas: from platforms for autonomous flight to Earth observation, from satellite systems to telecommunications, up to space permanence modules.
Among the guests of the day we find Toscana Spazio, an association that supports the competitiveness of the entire aerospace sector of Tuscany, the Ente Regionale Terre Toscane, an operational tool recently established by the Tuscany Region and a large company from our territory: Leonardo Spa

For details of their speeches, please refer to the presentations, which the speakers agreed to share publicly.

From the day and from the discussions between the participants and the speakers, the need for an ever stronger synergy between the various Tuscan sectors to bring the aerospace sector even higher at a national and international level certainly emerged. A strong optimism and determination on the part of Tuscany to take part in this unstoppable race, working as a “team” to achieve a common goal.