17 December 2021
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On 14 December 2021 CO.SI.MO. and the AIR Regional Innovative Network have become members of the National Aerospace Technological Cluster (CTNA). Now they are preparing for a long-term program of innovation and leadership.

Veneto Space celebrates National Space Day and announces its entry into the National Aerospace Technological Cluster (CTNA). The aptitude for travel and discovery that began with Galileo, passing through Marco Polo and all the other economic and cultural protagonists of the region is thus confirmed.

The European space industry employs 230 thousand people, with revenues of around 60 billion euros, a turnover second only to the United States. Of these revenues, 70% comes from the provision of services, while 30% comes from the construction of launchers, satellites and ground facilities. In 2019, the European space budget was 9.3 billion euros, of which 7.8 billion came from national budgets and 1.5 billion from the Union budget. For the period 2021-2027, however, 14.8 billion are expected to strengthen the EU’s position as a leader in the sector, through EGNOS/Galileo (satellite navigation), Copernicus (Earth observation) and other components to be developed (eg secure connectivity). Veneto is also an important player for the supply chain through the Regional Innovative Network Aerospace Innovation and Research (AIR) which brings together more than forty companies operating in the sector, with an aggregate turnover value of over 500 million euros. The legal entity representing RIR-AIR is the Aerospace and Cosmonautics Consortium – Co.Si.Mo chaired by Dr. Federico Zoppas .

The Italian Space Economy generates, every year, an income of 370 billion euros, which will become 500 by 2030. Space, in fact, appears to us as something esoteric, but in reality it influences our everyday life: in agriculture 4.0, environmental protection, emergency management, geo-localization and telecommunications. Italy rightly considers the space economy as one of the drivers of economic growth: the data from many international studies in fact confirm that, for every euro spent, between 4 and 11 are created. Much has been said about venture capital; now is the time to think about private equity as a support and traction tool for Italian SMEs.

Federico Zoppas, president of Co.Si.Mo , comments: “The entry of the AIR Regional Innovative Network into the CTNA establishes the importance of this coordination project between businesses, universities and territories, created to support the development and internationalization of the Venetian regional supply chain in the aerospace sector. We are working on the definition of an important widespread partnership project with other regional aerospace districts on the measures of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), which allows us to develop the skills and technologies necessary to compete in this market characterized by a strong growth trend globally”.

Alessandro Sannini, Advisor and Space Economy expert , underlines: “Veneto is numerically the fourth region in terms of the aerospace supply chain. I think that aggregation can be a driving force for attracting investments. There are huge opportunities for investors in the area in companies, which in many cases have a great tradition and a great future. In the CTNA panorama, Veneto can have an innovative approach made of industrial tradition and global vision, for example in financial innovation, supporting companies to relate to investors such as private equity and capital markets”.


Aerospace and Aeronautics Consortium – Co.SI.Mo

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