06 July 2023
“Innovate to grow – The Lucanian Aerospace System for territorial development and environmental protection”.
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On 7 July, at 10:00, in the conference room of the Grande Albergo di Potenza (Corso XVIII Agosto, 46), the Final Meeting of the CLAS will take place entitled “Innovate to grow – The Lucanian Aerospace System for the development of the territory and environmental protection”.

The objective of the seminar is to retrace the main stages of the Lucanian Aerospace Cluster, from its establishment to today, with a particular focus on the prospects and programs expected to create value and ensure a concrete competitive advantage for the Lucanian entrepreneurial fabric, supporting expectations of broader scope and turning its gaze to Europe.
Present, past and future intertwine in a comparison in which the industrial world, Research Centers and institutions meet to identify the best lines of development and encourage innovation, attractiveness and internationalisation.
“Italy – underlined Antonio Colangelo, President of the Lucanian Aerospace Cluster – is still today a two-speed country, with large differences in terms of growth and development. Shortening the distances between the North and the South of the Peninsula and between Italy and the rest of Europe: this is the commitment to be shared, the objective to be achieved. A moment of reflection, therefore, in order to identify the most suitable solutions to strengthen regional identity and progress, technological modernization and environmental sustainability, looking to Basilicata for a renewed Future.”
There will be four discussion panels that will address the issues of greatest interest and current relevance: from the skills and valuable contributions of Lucanian actors for local development to new international opportunities and measures; from the best synergies to best practices in order to guarantee concrete results, and then conclude with the involvement and collaboration of local and national policy-makers who will constitute the fundamental response to these issues.
In addition to Vito Bardi, President of the Basilicata Region and Vice President of the NEREUS Network (European platform to support regions and spatial clusters), prominent personalities and experts in the sector will speak, including Roya Ayazi, General Secretary of the NeREUS Network, Cristina Leone, President of the National Aerospace Technological Cluster, Massimo Comparini, CEO of Thales Alenia Space, Antonio Blandini, President of the Italian Aerospace Research Center, Remo Pertica, president of the Ligurian Technological District SIIT, and Alessio Del Bue, Artificial Intelligence expert and researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology.

A favorable opportunity for discussion to talk not only about innovation, but also to implement concrete and winning solutions that allow us to face the new challenges and opportunities of the Space Economy and can guarantee significant advantages for our territory.




Antonio Colangelo – President of CLAS and TeRN Technological District –

Introduces and moderates

Vito Bardi – President of the Basilicata Region

Roya Ayazi – NEREUS Secretary General – «The NEREUS network: a European platform  to support spatial regions and clusters»

 10.30am – PANEL

THE LUCANIAN AEROSPACE SYSTEM: Experience and competence at the service of the territory

Valerio Tramutoli – President of CTS CLAS –

«The applications of CLAS in support of environmental protection and PPAA» 

Giuseppe Bianco – ASI Space Research Unit, CGS G. Colombo – «Space technologies for  research and industry»

Gabriella Megale – Sviluppo Basilicata – «The synergy between industry, research and institutions for the  development of the territory»

Lucio Bernardini Papalia – Brussels Antenna – «The international opportunities of the space economy»

 11.15am – PANEL


Antonio Colangelo – President of CLAS – «Opportunities of the PNRR and the Space Economy: how to overcome  the challenges and fill the gaps»

Cristina Leone – CTNA President – ​​«The objectives of the National Cluster for the growth of the territories»

 Synergy with the National Aerospace and Technological System

Remo Pertica – President of SIIT – Ligurian Technological District Integrated Intelligent Systems –
«The SIIT-TeRN axis and the birth of the Thousand Infrastructure network»

Antonio Blandini – President of CIRA – Italian Aerospace Research Center –  «Cooperation between technological districts»

Alessio Del Bue – IIT – Italian Institute of Technology – «The role of AI in the space industry»
Massimo Comparini – CEO Thales Alenia Space – «Innovation, internationalization strategies and strengthening of synergies between large companies and SMEs»

12.40pm – PANEL


Hon. Arnaldo Lomuti – «The regulatory framework to promote local development»

Sen. Gianni Rosa – Vice President of the 8th Permanent Commission for the Environment

and Technological Innovation – «Aerospace and Technological Innovation for the progress of Basilicata and the reduction of gaps with other realities»

Hon. Salvatore Caiata – President of the Italian delegation of the CEI – «The opportunities for Basilicata in international cooperation»


Vito Bardi – President of the Basilicata Region

Note for journalists: in order to prepare the accreditation useful for participation in the event, we thank you for wanting to communicate your presence and any needs by Thursday 6 July at 12.


For information:

Grazia Fancello – CLAS ETS Communication Cell: +39 348 7422103